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Commonly Asked Questions About Littleton, NH’s Best Compounding Pharmacy

Each individual is unique, and we all react differently to the things we put into our bodies. Given that, there are countless factors that affect how a person reacts to medications. It’s not a one-size-fits-all matter — that’s when compounding pharmacies like Eastern States Compounding step in. 

What exactly is a compounding pharmacy and how are they different from regular pharmacies? How do you find one?

Compounding Pharmacies vs Regular Pharmacies

Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy offers extra services that traditional pharmacies may not be able to. Compounding pharmacies mix and combine different ingredients to make customized medications, helping medical providers by providing varied options for patients.

Both pharmacies provide medications prescribed by physicians, but the main difference is that a regular pharmacy typically offers commercially ready medications in standardized dosages. On the other hand, a compounding pharmacy can make customized medications.

So, do all pharmacies do compounding? While some community and hospital pharmacies do offer compounding services, it’s at a very basic level. This is because they don’t necessarily have the advanced equipment, certifications, and qualifications like compounding pharmacies.

Prescription Compounding Services

In essence, compounding pharmacies make medications for patients that have certain needs or requirements. For example, some people and animals require medications that aren’t available commercially.

Be it the form, ingredients, or dosage, here are just some of the compounding services that we offer at Eastern States Compounding:

At Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy, we take the necessary steps to compound what your body needs with the help of our state-of-the-art facilities, high quality ingredients, and high level team.

All compounded medications require a prescription.

To know more about compounding pharmacies and medication compounding, we expand more about them here >>

Littleton, New Hampshire's Best Compounding Pharmacy

At Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy, we work with physicians, veterinarians, and healthcare practitioners to make specially formulated compounded medications for each individual.

We provide high standard, customized medications. We have experts that are ready to provide doctors, patients, and healthcare workers the information they need about addressing specific conditions. Contact us to get started.

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