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Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy is the very first compounding pharmacy in New Hampshire that has made compounding its exclusive business, pioneering customized medication for all of our residents- whether they’re adults, children, or even pets!

By 2008, Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy became the first New England pharmacy to earn national accreditation for sterile and non-sterile compounding.

We constantly strive to solve pharmaceutical challenges for patients and practitioners. Over the years, we set ourselves apart because of our passion to take care of people and our unmatched 65 years of combined experience in the field of pharmaceutical compounding.

What Littleton’s Compounding Pharmacy Offers the Community

Compounding medication fills the void in commercial one-size-fits-all formulations by customizing the medicine to the patient’s needs. Here are some of the solutions we provide in New Hampshire.

Two of the best benefits that come with pet medicines are the customizing of the flavors and forms so that it’s easier for pets to accept and take their meds. And the other benefit is that ingredients that are hard to come by for vets such as cisapride, phenylpropanolamine, and diethylstilbestrol can be provided by Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy.

Many commercial medications may be formulated for an adult in mind and not for the ever changing bodies and biologies of children. A potential benefit of compounding is to calibrate the dose–age amounts that are most appropriate for kids. Compounded pediatric solutions may be in fun forms that’s easier for kids to take like flavored oral liquids, lollipops, gummies, and more.

Compounding is also done to avoid allergenic ingredients.

Medication that has been tailor-made for the patient is our long-time expertise, and since the beginning, we have provided customized medicine while working closely with providers to assess if a compounded medication is appropriate in a given case.

Patients and their practitioners appreciate the personalized care from at-home hormone/vitamin level testing, to assessing results through consultation with experts, to analyzing the options to address deficiencies, etc.

With all compounding services, a prescription from a licensed prescriber is necessary to get started.

Eastern States Compounding Today

While keeping to our core values of quality, we’ve expanded our specialties which now include Pain Management, Dental Compounding, Hormone Replacement, Urology,  and more.

In the years to come, we aim to continue to best provide our communities with excellent compounding services and more, servicing locally in New Hampshire, and even extending to our neighbors in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

Contact us today and see how we may help.

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