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Here are some compounds that dental compounding pharmacies use to creatively address common issues faced by dentists.

Much of the problems of modern dentistry boils down to the inapplicability and ineffectiveness of commercially available pharmaceuticals. Dental practitioners need customized anesthetic medications, mouth rinse solutions and more.

Compounding pharmacies help not just through custom compounding the particular dosages needed by patients, but also by incorporating them into forms that are most comfortable considering oral sensitivity or abilities.

Here, we look at dental care compounding and various delivery forms that are uniquely suited to cater to dental practitioners and their patients.

Medicated Lollipops

Dental patients may have undergone a procedure that makes it difficult to ingest medications traditionally. This may be a lifesaver for them to have other form options.

This form is also very popular for pediatric patients, as children may have a hard time with pills or liquids or may resist traditional forms of medication. 

Medicated lollipops have been shown to improve compliance in taking the medicine as well as its effectiveness in addressing oral thrush.


Another possible use case for compounding through a lollipop is for sedation in lieu of local anesthesia.

Troches or lozenges

Painful dental conditions is another area in which compounding may provide solutions.

Relief for burning mouth syndrome can be had in the form of lozenges. This dosage form may be resorted to when the medication is needed to be administered over a longer period of time or in contact with a lesion or wound or problem area.

Mouthwashes or rinses

An example of how this dental care compound helps patients is in the case of oral lichen planus which is a difficult to treat and painful condition that may be addressed by tacrolimus which can be in a topical form such as a mouthwash or rinse.

Dentale™ Gel

Lastly, one of the more common delivery systems or compounds are topical gels. Dentale™ Gel is used as a base to compound topical anesthetic medications. Combinations of drugs like tetracaine, lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, and phenylephrine using this gel may provide quick acting and long lasting pain control.

Customized Solutions at Eastern States Rx

Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy works with dentists in getting creative solutions to their patients’ problems, that standardized treatments just can’t. Get in touch with us today to better address dental health, healing, and comfort.

To learn more about the other kinds of dental care compounds or services we provide, see a brief summary here >>

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