What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

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There are many instances when patients need a compounding pharmacy. More and more medical practitioners are prescribing compounded medications as alternatives to mass produced, commercially available options on the market.

Medication is not one-size-fits-all

It isn’t hard to imagine how every individual is unique and functions differently from one another. There are a number or factors that can affect how someone reacts to medications, whether it is age, allergies, metabolism, and more. 

Compounding pharmacies help medical providers expand the options they can offer their patients.

When Medications Aren’t Working

Patients are often met with challenges when searching for relief. When patients have exhausted options, they look for alternatives in compounding.

Whether for erectile dysfunction, menopausal symptoms, pediatrics, or many other conditions, compounded medications are able to be made with specific ingredients, at needed dosage strength and form.

Patients may be harder to treat with commercially available medications on the market due to complications such as:

  • Current medication is not effective
  • Ingredients present in available medication that the patient is allergic to (allergens)
  • Custom dosage needed for patient size & other factors
  • Custom form (tablet, syrup, gummy, etc.) needed for patient compliance
  • Custom flavoring for compliance (pediatrics, veterinary)
  • Discontinued medication (alternatives can be custom compounded)

    Get the LDN Info You Need

    • Topical creams, ointments, or gels
    • Capsules
    • Tablets
    • Oral liquids
    • Sublingual drops
    • Troches
    • Rapid dissolving tablets (RDTs)
    • Eye drops
    • Vaginal creams

    Why do you need a prescription for compounded medications?

    Medical practitioners may choose to prescribe a specific dosage, require a mixture of multiple medications/ingredients that isn’t commercially available, or ask you to take the medication in an atypical delivery method (such as a nasal spray or liquid form).


    All compounded medications require a prescription.

    Fill compounded prescriptions with Littleton, NH’s best compounding pharmacy

    Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy serves all of New Hampshire’s needs for high standard, customized medications. Our experts are ready to provide doctors and patients with valuable information about options for addressing specific conditions. Providing education to patients and providers about alternatives provides the ability to make more informed decisions with all options on the table.

    If you’re a medical practitioner looking to offer your patients more, send us a HIPAA-compliant message and our pharmacists will provide answers and options through compounding.

    If you’re a patient, ask your provider about exploring options with compounding to address your condition.

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