We’ve proven that we surpass the standard in our state-of-the-art clean room
where we compound injectables, drops, and other sterile compounds for
the eye(s).  To ensure sterility and allow for peace of mind, the products
prepared in our pharmacy undergo tests for sterility by an independent
laboratory and by in-house testing.  Additionally, we perform an extensive
monitoring procedure each week to evaluate the environment where our
sterile compounds are prepared.

Whether you need pre-mixed products, hard-to-find or preservative-free
combo drops, Eastern States Compounding provides innovative solutions for you and your
patients.  Our staff is always available to consult with you about your particular medication needs.

Eastern States Compounding was the first pharmacy in New England to be
nationally accredited for the compounding of sterile ophthalmic preparations.

The following products represent our most commonly dispensed ophthalmic medications:

Fortified Antibiotic Drops

Vancomycin, Ceftazdine, Gentamycin, and many others are available in customized or increased concentrations to treat your patients.

Combination Dilation Drops

Depending on the regimen, some pre-op procedures require the administration of up to five different ophthalmic medications. The staff at Eastern States Compounding can compound customized combinations
of these medications to reduce the number of administrations.  Some of our popular preservative-free preparations include: Cyclopentolate, Tropicamide, Phenylephrine, Ketorolac, Tetracaine.  We can formulate these in small volume, unit-of-use containers and customized formulas to meet the unique
needs of your patients. Read more…

Preservative-Free Medications

The elimination of an allergy or adverse reaction could be the difference between success and failure in an ophthalmic procedure.  We have the ability to compound preservative-free and additive-free
preparations, including topical solutions and intraocular injections that save your patients from discomfort and speed recovery time.  Examples of some preservative-free ophthalmics include: Triamcinolone Acetonide, Timolol, Prednisolone, Dexamethasone, etc.