How Physicians Use Compounding Pharmacies for Patients’ Specific Needs

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When Do Patients Need a Compounding Pharmacy?

Physicians work with compounding pharmacies for a variety of reasons. Patient needs differ, after all, and their individual needs should be addressed.

Providers have been turning to compounding pharmacies for decades, especially when patients are not getting results from commercially produced medications, or maybe those medications include ingredients that contain allergens. On many occasions, a certain medication has been discontinued and must be custom made in a compounding pharmacy, like Eastern States Compounding.

Working Closely With Pharmacists

Physicians and pharmacists work with each other to decide the best way to address patients’ conditions considering their tested levels and other health metrics.

Custom Compounding for Patients’ Needs

Physicians are often working with patients that are unable to take the form that is commercially available. Compounding pharmacies are able to customize medications in different forms like tablets, oral liquids, troches, capsules, cream, and more! 


Custom flavoring for children or pets may be the best option for many parents, especially those that are having difficulty with compliance.

Is Compounding Right for Your Patients?

Providers can unlock the potential of compounded medications in providing a better overall experience for patients. 

In many cases, New Hampshire doctors will prescribe patients at-home testing kits that they can get at Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy.

From there, they self collect their samples, sending them to the lab as instructed for their specific tests. The results will then be sent to the expert pharmacist and their physician to consider the best way to approach any deficiencies or the opposite.

Why Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy?

Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy has been providing patients in New Hampshire with customized medications, made in top-of-the-line labs, based on the latest advances in the industry. From pain management to hormone therapyallergen-free formulations and more, New Hampshire’s premier compounding pharmacy is here to give you the services you may have been looking for!

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