What is Sterile Compounding & Who Needs it?

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Prescriptions Specific to Each Patient

Sterile compounding is a process of safely creating custom medications that would otherwise have a high risk of infection and contamination if it weren’t for the sterile environment. This could be in the form of injectables, ophthalmic (eye drops & ointments) medications, inhalations, and surgical procedure irrigations.

Who Needs Sterile Compounding?

Patients who have unique needs due to dosing requirements, allergies, or rare diseases may benefit from access to customized medication. This may allow for more precise medication that could potentially improve patient outcomes.

In addition, sterile compounding gives hospitals and other healthcare facilities the ability to provide personalized medication tailored to their patients’ specific needs. This also provides an extra level of safety and industry-grade quality assurance while preventing the financial liability of compounding on site.

How to Manage Risks?

Given the risks of sterile compounding, preparations must be made with the proper ingredients, techniques, and facilities to ensure the patient receives the right medication and dosage in a safe manner. Eastern States Rx skillfully follows established standards in the industry to deliver safe and high quality sterile compounded medication.

United States Pharmacopeia (USP), which established the USP 797 compounding guidelines, is one of the leading organizations that oversee sterile compounding processes in pharmacies to ensure patient safety.

To produce safe and high quality sterile medications, Eastern States Rx has New Hampshire’s only Travis Cleanair, state-of-the-art clean room. This is where our highly trained pharmacists and industry-trained professional pharmacy technicians meticulously compound medications.

Adhering to USP 797 guidelines in providing only safe compounded medication for your specific needs.
We at Eastern States Rx make sure to:
  • Test finished products for potency and sterility (including in-house & independent laboratory)
  • Routinely test pharmacy staff on their sterile technique
  • Have personnel surgical scrub, properly groom and gown, and remove particulate matter before entering critical sterile compounding areas
  • Finish EVERY sterile compound with a quality assurance report
  • Continually monitor and improve quality
  • Monitor the clean room with environmental microbiology sampling weekly
  • Monitor the particle count of the clean room’s sterile environment
  • Follow proper cleaning and maintenance routines each compounding day
  • Have outside party certification of its ante room, buffer room, and laminar flow hood twice a year

Contact Eastern States Rx for your Sterile Compounding Needs

We offer sterile compounded medication from our USP 797 compliant facilities to cater to your specific needs. Our sterile compounded medication ranges from erectile dysfunction medication to sinus therapies, and much more.

Whether you’re a patient looking for more personalized medication or a healthcare provider from various fields searching for the best customized solutions for your patients (human or animal), we’re here to help.

As your pioneer compounding pharmacy in New Hampshire, we have extended our services to our neighbors in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

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