“An Alternative Therapy for Treating Migraines”


Migraine sufferers are often refractory to oral medications. Problems associated with commercially available triptan therapies for migraine may be overcome with topical regional neuroaffective (TRNA) therapy. Novel, proprietary topical triptan delivery (United States Patent No. 8 329 734 B2, granted December 2012) uniquely provides therapeutic benefit while minimizing both systemic and cerebral blood levels. Drug blood levels are unnecessary as the therapeutic effect is achieved directly by the drug’s action on un-myelinated nerve-endings below the skin surface at the back of the neck. Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy is a licensee of AfGin Pharma, LLC, and thereby authorized to compound these patented topical creams. Reference: Aung-Din R. Topical Regional Neuro-Affective (TRNA) Therapy: Novel Ground-Breaking Triptan Drug Delivery for Treating Migraines. Drug Delivery Technology. 2009; 9(9): 44-51.

Migraine MedicationWhat is Migraderm? Migraderm is a patented Topical Regional Neuro-Affective (TRNA) migraine therapy. It was developed as an alternative to systemic delivery medications, which are medications that are administered orally, through injection, or topical patches. Migraderm comes in a cream that is applied directly on the skin.

How It Works Migraderm is applied on the back of the neck below the hairline.   Once applied, it is thought that the neurochemical effect begins to alter impulses to the Central Nervous System (CNS) through free nerve-endings and peripheral nerve connections.


Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy is licensed to provide Migraderm by AfGin Pharmac, LLC, holder of the US Patent.


Migraderm is a novel Topical Regional Neuro-Affective (TRNA) therapy for the treatment of migraine.


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