Estradiol Vaginal Cream from a Compounding Pharmacy

What Estradiol is, Why menopausal women need it, and how to use it.

What is Estradiol Cream?

Estradiol (es tra DYE ole) contains the female hormone estrogen, which is a natural hormone in your body. During menopause, your body makes less estrogen, leading to symptoms that can range in severity. Estradiol may provide women with relief, addressing the symptoms of menopause such as itching, burning, or dryness of the vagina. Specially formulated by a compounding pharmacy and applied via applicator, this medication has given women a better quality of life.

How Do You Use Estradiol Cream?

Estradiol Vaginal Cream requires a prescription from your provider. Before using this type of medication, be sure to read the instructions and warnings. Be sure to ask your pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns.

Fill the applicator with the medication according to the instructions (instructions may differ for different applicators). Insert the applicator deep into the vagina and press the plunger to release the medication.

The exact dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment. Compounded medicines are customized for each patient’s unique situation.

Estradiol Requires a Prescription from your Doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It may take up to three months before you receive estradiol’s full benefits, so it’s important to take it as prescribed by your doctor. 

If there is cause for concern, or you want a clear picture assessing your overall health, your practitioner can prescribe a hormone profile saliva test, where different kits test different hormone levels.

Step-by-Step Guide for At-Home Saliva Testing »

Please contact Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy and our experts will be happy to guide you through the journey to optimal health. We work with providers and their patients to educate and provide customized treatments for hormonal imbalances and health conditions. 

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Shipping available for OTC products nationwide, and prescription products for New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. 


Cautionary Information

Side effects include nausea or vomiting, bloating, breast tenderness, headache, or weight changes may occur. Alert your doctor or pharmacist if such effects persist or worsen.

Tell your doctor straight away for any serious side effects you experience including: mood changes (including depression, memory loss), breast lumps, unusual vaginal bleeding, increased or new vaginal irritation, persistent nausea, increased thirst or urination.

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