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An Extra Layer on Your Immune System

With the current health climate stirring up numerous issues, it’s important to keep our immune system at its best and put health first. CofixRX™ Nasal Spray may be just what you need!

What is CofixRX™?

Developed by a team of eight doctors, CofixRX™ is a board-certified option, containing povidone–iodine which is traditionally used as an antiseptic that professionals have been using for many years.

CofixRX™ provides 1.25% povidone–iodine for antiseptic purposes with vitamin D3, making for a well-rounded spray that helps to keep you in top shape.

CofixRX™ Nasal Spray

Give yourself an extra boost in immunity with CofixRX™. Contains povidone–iodine. Order now as supply is going fast!

Who Needs CofixRX™?

CofixRX™ is perfect for people in places where social distancing and masks are difficult or not possible.

  • Hospitals
  • Sports Events
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Restaurants
  • Airports & Planes
  • Weddings
  • Family Gatherings
  • Places with Heavy Foot Traffic

    Using CofixRX™

    CofixRX™ Nasal Spray may be used at concentrations up to 1.25% for up to 5 months, potentially rendering viruses inactive with povidone–iodine when applied.

    Make Health a Priority

    Purchase CofixRX™ from Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy today. Keep you and your loved ones healthy this season. With the risks increasing, it’s best that you and your loved ones are secure from numerous diseases.

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