Functional Chocolate Bars for Your Health & Wellness

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Why Functional Chocolate? Well, do you feel like you need a boost in your daily life? Or support for sleep, intimacy, energy, or concentration? Then functional food might be the thing for you. It’s one way to do things at once — get a yummy treat and have a healthy snack.

Find out how these 7 Functional Chocolate bars are a game changer in flavor and health. The Functional Chocolate is also all vegan, gluten free, ethically sourced, GMO free, cholesterol free, and plant based! All flavors are available in 60% cocoa dark chocolate to get the right balance of flavor and flavonoids.

Carefree Chocolate


This Functional Chocolate is Mellow Mint Truffle flavored 60% cacao. It’s designed both to be deliciously irresistible and to help you stay alert and be at peace with their own nutrient formulation, PharmaGABA® and L-Theanine.

Energy Chocolate


With their own special formula Chocamine®, a patented cocoa-based ingredient made to provide sustained energy without the jitters, you’ll get that energy boost you need for the day. It comes in Espresso Crunch that’ll sure wake you up.

Rhythm Chocolate


A great support for women experiencing PMS would be this tasty treat. Get back in balance with Nature GingerSnap flavored Functional Chocolate that contains SaffSerene®, which has saffron flowers grown in Turkey and Morocco, which may be shown to provide a 50% reduction in PMS symptoms.

Sexy Chocolate


This is another female affirming functional food that will help let you feel free and in the moment for intimacy with this Natural Champagne & Berry flavored Functional Chocolate. The patented LibFem® formula, containing fenugreek extract, may help promote feelings of intimacy, healthy female desire, and experience.

Hot Chocolate


Taste the luxurious Natural Vanilla Créme Brûlée flavored Functional Chocolate that comes with Estro-G100® which is a patented formula that may show to reduce hot flashes, fatigue, and joint aches without affecting hormone production.

Brainy Chocolate


Got a test? Or a lot to juggle in your mind? Then, this next Functional Chocolate might be for you. With a Zesty Orange flavor, Brainy Chocolate combines ginkgo biloba, bacopa, and rhodiola along with a secret blend of amino acids, omega 3, and the patented Chocoamine® that may help improve cognitive function.

Sleepy Chocolate


Last but not least, the Functional Chocolate that almost everybody may benefit from is this sumptuous Blueberry Lavender bar. Sleepy Chocolate combines proven botanicals like chamomile, valerian, lavender, and lemon balm along with the mineral magnesium that are all likely to help with full restful sleep with no lingering effects.

Beyond Functional Chocolate

If you have a need for more specific solutions to address health issues you face, Eastern States Rx customizes the dosage and forms according to your needs as prescribed by your doctor. There’s a variety of health conditions that medical compounding may help address: from hormones to chronic pain.

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