Tips to Stay Healthy During the Winter

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Boost Your Immune System This Season

Winter can mean compromised immune systems. It’s important to keep immunity up as the temperatures drop. Learn a few ways to stay healthy during the winter season.

1. Supplementation for Immunity

Zinc and Vitamin C supports your immune function, both of which come naturally in nature and the foods that you eat. Both may also work as winter remedies with antioxidants to keep blood flow going. 

Zinc and Vitamin C supplements from Eastern States Compounding can boost your immune system to keep you healthy throughout the season.

2. Address Allergies

Those that have outdoor allergies (to pollen, etc.) may get a break for the winter, but when the temperatures drop, you may be spending more time inside. This could lead to more exposure to indoor allergies such as dust, mold, or animals. It’s important that you keep your airways and passages healthy. 

Aller-Calm Complex works naturally to promote healthy and normal breathing. Aller-Calm Complex is a proprietary blend of seven standardized herbal extracts clinically formulated to promote health and normal breathing and to support clear airway passages seasonally and all year round.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is your body’s way of recovering from stress, which affects your immune system and can lead to disease and illnesses. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep helps your body prepare itself for a new day ahead, especially when it’s bound to be exposed to stressors. Sleep Support capsules’ herbal formula helps to support healthy sleep and peaceful calm.

4. Consult Your Local Pharmacy

Winter definitely puts more stress on your immune system. It’s best to consult with a specialist on the different supplements and options to help you stay healthy during the cold, winter season. You may benefit from a specific supplementation regime based on your tested levels. Eastern States expert pharmacists are knowledgeable and happy to help guide you in your path to good health. 

Get Supplements at Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy

Be sure to get your health checked regularly. Have hormones, vitamins, and other levels checked via blood or saliva testing. Taking supplements may also aid in keeping yourself healthy during the cold season. 

Purchase winter essentials at Eastern States Compounding. We have a selection of supplements available in-stock at our store, as well as online for direct shipping. Ideal for boosting your immune system, choose from custom-formulated supplements containing Zinc, Vitamin C, and others to keep you healthy as the cold season comes. Reach out to our expert pharmacists for any questions or concerns. 

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Some supplements may interact with your medications or health conditions. You should always check with your doctor or healthcare provider before using a supplement.

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