How Does Veterinary Compounding Help Your Pets?

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Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy

Animals are just like humans in plenty of ways. Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy ensures that your pets are at their best. 

Veterinary compounding at Eastern States can certainly benefit your pets in more ways than  one.

When Do Pets Need Compounded Medication?

Compounding is a viable option when medication needs to be modified. This is according to the discretion of the veterinarian, of course, who will determine if your pet has allergies or adverse reactions to certain ingredients.

Compounding becomes even more of an option whenever the medicines that pets need are no longer available in stores but are deemed effective and suitable based on the findings of veterinarians. There’s also a chance that the needed compounded preparation can’t be made for the drug that is readily available.

It’s worth considering that there are only a select few veterinary drugs manufactured for veterinary use, and the dosage and forms may be limited, especially since each animal has individual specifications.

Additionally, every pet owner knows that it can be difficult to administer medications to animals, with the need to have different flavors that appeal to pets.

Reliable Compounded Medications for Pets

Finding a Reputable Compounding Pharmacy

There are plenty of compounding pharmacies that work with veterinarians who require custom medications that are suitable for pets. It’s important for vets to know if the pharmacy complies with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for both sterile and non-sterile compounding.

Veterinary Compounding at Eastern States Rx


At Eastern States Compounding, we believe that animals are unique. We allow you to give your pets the exact dose they need in forms that are best for them with all our veterinary compounds prepared for animals with their own individual needs.

Ask a pharmacist to get the medication that your pet needs. If you’re a veterinarian, register online to gain access to our veterinarian prescription order form and other resources.


Shampoos and Flea & Tick Solutions


Eastern States Compounding is a proud provider of amazing shampoos from Dog Whisperer®. We also provide flea and tick shampoos for pets, ranging from options for complete flea and tick treatment to all-natural repellents.


Dog Whisperer® Ultimate Odor-Buster Shampoo

Eucalyptus Spearmint Scent

Cleanses, moisturizes, and neutralizes odors with coconut-based cleansers & conditioners, neem, and zinc.

NO HARMFUL SLS sulfates, phosphates, parabens, PEG 80, synthetic fragrance or dyes.


Dog Whisperer® No Rinse Waterless Shampoo

Lavender Spearmint Scent

Freshens your dog’s coat between wet shampoos. Cleanses, conditions, and neutralizes odors with coconut and vegetable-based cleansers, conditioners, and zinc.

NO HARMFUL SLS sulfates, phosphates, parabens, PEG 80, synthetic fragrance or dyes.


Dog Whisperer® Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo

Milk and Honey Scent

Soothes and calms skin with organic aloe vera, neem, and colloidal oatmeal. Cleanses and moisturizes with coconut-based cleansers and conditioners.

NO HARMFUL SLS sulfates, phosphates, parabens, PEG 80, synthetic fragrance or dyes.


Yaya Dog Whisperer® TICK + FLEA Complete System Triple-Pack

The Dog Whisperer TICK + FLEA Triple-Pack is a complete all-natural and proven effective system for reventing and treating ticks + fleas, Powered by YAYA’s TICK BAN

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