Protect Your Pets from Ticks This Season

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Summer Solutions to Ticks and Fleas

Summer is the season of ticks and fleas, and pets are highly vulnerable to these critters who may also be spreading diseases. There’s also the possibility of family members catching diseases themselves, for example, Lyme Disease. Here are some tips for keeping your furry friends protected:

Treat Them All Year Round

Although summer does show a high occurrence of ticks and fleas, they can still attack your pets regardless of the season.  You wouldn’t want them to grow tenfold and attack your pets as the year continues. Observe their health and behavior, and keep your veterinarian updated.

Do Regular Checks for Fleas and Ticks

You never know how much fleas and ticks have infested your pet, so it’s only reasonable to do regular checks to see how well they are faring. By checking regularly, you will be able to prevent further infestation, allowing you to take action immediately.

Groom Your Pet Regularly

If you want to spend some quality time with your pet all while keeping them healthy, then grooming them is the best way to go. It will help you keep an eye out for parasites and other unwanted discomforts under your pet’s coat, ensuring that they stay healthy.

Use Suitable Products

You shouldn’t be using canine products on cats since they may contain ingredients that are harmful to felines. It’s also important not to use old products, especially those that are way past their expiry date as they may not be as effective anymore. Ensure that you take a look at product labels and use the products as intended.

Preventative Flea & Tick Treatments

Eastern States Compounding provides flea and tick shampoos for pets, ranging from options for complete flea and tick treatment to all-natural repellents. Choose from our vast array of flea and tick products that are best suited for your pets here at Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy.

Eastern States Works with You!

All of our veterinary compounds are prepared and customized for individual animals with individual needs. If you’re a veterinary practitioner, register online to gain access to our veterinarian prescription order form and other resources.

Yaya Dog Whisperer TICK + FLEA Complete System Triple-Pack

The Dog Whisperer TICK + FLEA Triple-Pack is a complete, all-natural and proven effective system for preventing and treating ticks + fleas, powered by YAYA’s TICK BAN.

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